An expressive and un-opinionated web framework for PHP

Built on top of battle tested SwoolePHP, Crow framework let's you build real microservices without PHP-FPM, Nginx or Apache.

Get Started

CrowPHP is a fast async web framework built on-top of SwoolePHP. You can now build web services with just the CLI version of PHP on the platform of your choice.



Before we begin with the installation make sure you have following installed on your system.

  • PHP-CLI version 8 or above.
  • composer package manager for PHP
  • PHP pear package manager pecl
  • SwoolePHP latest version pecl install swoole

Installing Crow is very easy through composer. Create a new directory if you are starting a new project and initialize composer as follows composer init.

Once your project is initialized you can now install the Crow framework as follows:

$ composer install crowphp/crow

Now that we have installed Crow, we can create our first hello world microservice, create a new file index.php with the following code snippet.


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface;
use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface as RequestInterface;
use Crow\Http\Server\Factory as CrowServer;

$app = CrowServer::create(CrowServer::SWOOLE_SERVER);
$router = Crow\Router\Factory::make();

$router->get('/', function (RequestInterface $request, ResponseInterface $response) {
    $response->getBody()->write('Hello World');
    return $response;



You may quickly test your newly built service as follows:

$ php index.php

Going to http://localhost:5005 will now display “Hello World”.